Struggling to figure out how you can plant a simple tree in Dinkum? Check out this guide to find out!

Dinkum is a great adventure life simulator where you end up on an island and start to live your own life! During this adventure, the character in Dinkum will need to survive and collect many resources as well as complete objectives to become stronger and progress through the game much further!

This guide will show you how you can plant trees in Dinkum.

How to Plant a Tree – Dinkum

Planting a tree in Dinkum is quite easy. It’s not like any other game where you have a sapling, dig a hole, place the sapling inside and cover it with dirt.

In this game, you can get fruits from previously chopped trees that can be used to make small saplings that will eventually turn into trees.
You will get 2 fruits per tree. It’s your choice if you want to eat/sell the fruits or make them into small saplings and turn them into trees.

Once you’ve obtained the fruit, simply dig a hole in the ground, throw the fruit inside the hole and cover it with dirt. This process will create a small sapling that will grow in to a big tree overtime!

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