Dinkum: How to Trap Birds

Time to learn how to trap birds in Dinkum! Check this guide to learn the best way to do that!

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One of the things that you can do in Dinkim is to catch the birds. This is easy and you won’t need many items to do that. In the following text, you’ll be able to see a simple catch off a bird in Dinkum.

Hope this works for you too and will get you some birds to increase the number of your food supplies. Let’s catch up!

How to Trap Birds – Dinkum

Get the bird trap that looks like in the following picture and just place it on the ground outdoors. Try to choose a place that will be clear and you won’t have any problems with the trap work.

Drop some meat on the ground as well and you will get your bird in just a few seconds and that will bring you some money!

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