Dinkum: How To Use A Tractor

Being a farmer in Dinkum, for sure you will have to use a Tractor to earn money faster!

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Farming remains one of the most played jobs in the game, and as a farmer, you can unlock certain machinery that will help you improve your farming even more. The tractor is the machine that will help you to plant and harvest all your farm lots in Dinkum pretty much faster than any other way.

This guide will show you how to use a Tractor in Dinkum.

How To Use A Tractor – Dinkum

Once you get your Tractor in Dinkum, you better start using it for your farm lots. If you wondering how to use the Tractor, then it’s pretty simple.

All you need to do is go near the Tractor and press “E” to start Driving. If you want to harvest, need to attach the Red Hang Glider to it and start moving toward the plants on the farm.

As the tractor moves quickly, it can harvest 3 blocks of ground at a time. Just have fun riding your tractor through the land and in a short time, you will be able to harvest everything.

 After you harvest everything, it’s time to plant your seeds again. To do it with the tractor, just have to equip some seeds and ride the tractor across the farm lot.

As you go through the ground, it will plant 3 blocks of ground at once. It’s the same way as harvesting, keep on riding along the land and every block of ground will be planted with your selected seeds.

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