Dinkum: How To Use Blast Furnace | Bloomin Spring Guide

Check out this guide and learn more about Blast Furnace in Dinkum Bloomin Spring Update.

One more machine you need to try!

Franklin can craft a lot of staff and Blast Furnace table saw is one of them as well. You can use this machine for different purposes as catting the woods into planks, or in some crafting activities. It`s really simple to get it and this guide will show you how. Let`s start!

How To Use Blast Furnace | Bloomin Spring Guide

To get more certain information about the Blast Furnace you need to visit Franklin because this machine is part of his creations.

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Go inside his house and ask him to craft you one Blast Furnace.

Track the ingredients, because you can see it’s a little pricey.

To create the Brekonium Ore, grab the ingredients from the room opposite the ovens, and put them inside them. It`s the same procedure for all of them, search the area well.

This item will help you cut the wood into a lot of planks, which is useful for crafting or getting some warmth.

Hope this guide helped you to learn more about Dinkum stay tuned for more!

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