Check out our Iron Watering Can & Iron Hoe guide in Dinkum!

There are plenty of jobs that you can do in Dinkum in order to earn money and expand your area. Farming is one of the biggest jobs that will keep you busy in the entire game, and knowing how to make it properly, you can earn a lot of money by harvesting your favorite plants using the watering can and the iron hoe.

In this guide, we will show you all you need to know about Iron Watering Can & Iron Hoe in Dinkum!

Iron Watering Can & Iron Hoe Guide – Dinkum

Before you start farming, you will need to have a proper license for Farming which you can obtain from Fletch.

From the list, click on Farming License which cost only 3.000 Dinks. Once you obtain the license you will be able to do all the stuff about the farming in the game.

If you upgrade your Farming License to level 3, you will receive an Iron Watering Can and Iron Hoe crafting recipes.

Once you get it, the first thing is to go to your land and use the Iron Hoe to dig the ground and prepare it for planting. The good thing is that with the Iron Hoe you can dig 6 blocks of ground at a time.

Once you dig the ground, plant some seeds and use the Fertilizer to grow faster. The next day, your plants will be almost fully grown and you can use now your Iron Watering Can which also can water 6 plants at a time.

Having these tools will help you to dig your lands, plant your seeds, and grow up much faster.

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