Dinkum: Jelly Farming Guide

Let’s do some Jelly Farming in Dinkum!

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Players in Dinkum will always have some job to do and earn some extra cash in order to expand their bases. Sometimes you might go and do some fishing, but don’t be scared of the jelly floating fishes in the water because right here you can learn how to catch them.

In this guide you can find everything what you need to know about Jelly Farming in Dinkum!

Jelly Farming Guide – Dinkum

Jellyfish are mainly free-swimming marine animals with umbrella-shaped bells and trailing tentacles. If you get close to them, they might attack you with their tentacles. They carry poisonous venom in their tentacles as a method of self-defense.

If you want to catch them without being stung by them, you better use your Iron Spear because it is a bit longer and have a bigger range.

Go in the water where the jelly is and try to come as close as possible to it without touching you. Be careful of it because it will deal damage and knock you back.

Once you are close enough you can try to hit with your spear, but must be the right distance in between to make a successful hit and kill it.

The other very easy way to kill them is by performing a jump towards them and use the spear at the same time to hit them while jumping towards it.

To perform a jump in the water, you can use the Boogie Board to jump off it, or else you can’t jump while swimming in the water.

Make sure to use the Boogie Board, jump, and then quickly switch to your spear to hit the Jelly.

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