Dinkum: Kangaroo Fighting Guide

Having a hard time with this dancing Kangaroo? Check out this guide to see how to fight against the Kangaroo in Dinkum!

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Dinkum is a game where you have to do plenty of jobs just to earn money. One of the best way to earn money is to trap animals and send them to the Animal Research Center, but not all of them are easy to trap. If you want to trap a Kangaroo, you will have to do a real fight with it and put it in your trap.

In this guide, we will show you the Kangaroo Fighting in Dinkum.

Kangaroo Fighting Guide – Dinkum

The Alpha Kangaroo can be dangerous and you have to know how to fight it back, because if they see you, they won’t let you go without fighting.

There are plenty of weapons that you can use in the game, and we suggest using Iron Spear if you have one, or any other copper weapon.

The Kangaroo has a ground slam effect that deals huge damage. When it hits the ground, it will spread a circle barrier around him. At the moment when the kangaroo jumps, make sure to walk away from him or just jump over the circle.

Once he performs his ground slam, you can hit him once or twice, and then it will stand on its tail and do a foot hit, which is his second attack.

Because it is not so fast, you can notice that he is going to stand on the tail, and at this moment just move away of him.

Once he does the hit, go back to him and continue hitting him back with your weapon. Because he has kind of big HP, you will need to repeat the same fighting methods until he is being defeated.

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