Dinkum: List Of All Flowers | Bloomin Spring Update

Check out this guide and learn all of the current flowers in the Bloomin Spring Dinkum Update!

An endless number of items, machines and actions!

The new updated Dinkum offers different types of spring activities that you`re able to do. It`s a version where you get the chance to craft different objects, buy them or sell them. In this guide, specifically, you can learn all of the flowers that are available now in the latest update. There may be more, but until now I`ve discovered some of them.

Read the text below to discover the most frequent ones. Let`s start!

List Of All Flowers | Bloomin Spring Update

You`ll need the flowers to create mixtures, or for other healing purposes and some of them are useful for feeding the animals.

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Flower Name & Location:

  • Yellow Hibiscus (Location: Pine Forests)
  • Red Hibiscus (Location: Pine Forests)
  • Royal Bluebell (Location: Tropical Areas)
  • Common Heath (Location Pine Forests)
  • Billy Button (Location: Bushlands)
  • Jackeroo Paw (Location: Desert)
  • Pink Paper Daisy ( Location: Planes or Bush Lands)
  • Desert Pes (Location: Desert)
  • Glow Button (Location: The New Deep Mine)
  • Desert Rose (Location: Desert)
  • Bird of Paradise (Location: The New Deep Mine)
  • Butterfly Orchid ( Location: Bushlands and spread in other areas)
  • White Paper Daisy (Location: Bushlands & Pain River)
  • River Daisy (Location: (Location: River Areas)
  • Orange Paper Daisy (Locations: Bushlands)
  • Flannel Flower (Location: Bushlands)

All of the are available in different areas and have different purposes. You may need some of them for a different types of creations.

Hope this guide helped you to learn more about the currently available flowers’ look and location! Stay tuned for more!

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