Dinkum: Metal Detecting Guide

Grab your metal detectors! It’s time you’ve learned how to use the metal detectors properly in Dinkum!

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Dinkum is a great Australian-type adventure game where you are sent to an island to live a unique life and move away from the everyday 9-5 job in the city. During your time on the island, you will learn a bunch of new activities and meet up with great adventurers who are seeking to live a great and enjoyable life just like you.

In this guide, we will be discussing metal detectors and how to use them in Dinkum.

Metal Detecting Guide – Dinkum

Starting off with metal detecting, you will need to have a metal detector. That can be obtained by heading over to John’s Goods and purchasing it there.

Once you head outside, hold the metal detector in your hand and start walking around. You will hear this beeping sound. Check each square that you scan with your metal detector to make sure that everything is scanned.

You will hear that the tone of the beeping will change once you find some treasure. There will be a small circle around that block which will also display that the signal is stronger there.

Once you find the area where the beeping changes it sound, simply begin digging to find some treasure.

And just like that, you now know how to properly use the metal detector in Dinkum.

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