Dinkum: New Alpha Weapons

Do you want to know some New Weapons that are in the Alpha Version of Dinkum? Stick around and you will them all.

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Dinkum is a surviving game, where you need supplies and weapons to Survive. With this New Version of the game, there have been some new alpha weapons added that you can obtain and use to fight against different mobs.

This guide will show you all the new alpha weapons in Dinkum.

New Alpha Weapons – Dinkum

How to get the New Weapons?

The First thing you need to do is Talk to Ted Selly. He will be the one who will give you the weapons you need.

When you are talking you’ll have to ask him the question: “Can you make me something?”. After that, you will be given a list of all the alpha weapons that you can obtain. You will just need to bring some ingredients.

The Bat Zapper:

The Bat Zapper can be used in the Mines. Because it glows, and it takes Bats and Zaps them. It’s as simple as that.

Alpha Hammer:

The Alpha Hammer is a great damaging weapon for killing mobs quite easy. A Short-Ranged weapon which will clear the path easily.

Alpha Spear:

The Alpha Spear is a great melee weapon that has a slightly longer distance than others. A great tool to keep a safe distance between you and your enemies while fighting.

Alpha Bat:

For What these Weapons do we only know about the Alpha Bat. The Alpha bat throws out Fire Balls. While Swinging you can throw a fireball and it will burn the Enemy.

The Fire Balls can be wasted so use them Correctly.

We really hope that this Guide helped you.

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