Dinkum: Orchards Guide

Check this guide and learn the list of orchards available in Dinkum!

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You’ll need all of these supplies to stand the game and to increase your strength. There are several of them and are available mostly in the garden area. This guide will show you the list of the orchards and the place where to look for them. Time to get some orchards!

Orchards Guide – Dinkum

Here is the list of your available orchards in the game

  • Quandong
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Bush Limes

I suggest you make a full plant of them at the beginning of the game because you’ll be able to make some delicious food.

Get them from different areas available in all of the biomes because that way you’ll be able to choose which food you want to make.

After you do that go to the cooking table and start making some delicious food that will maximum increase your health like the fruit salad.

Fruit salad

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