Want to find out how you can find rare items much easier in Dinkum? Check out this guide to find out!

In dinkum there are rare items that you can obtain while doing certain objectives. These rare items are really hard to come by, a great exploit has been lurking around Dinkum that will help you get the exact rare item that you need!

This guide will show you how you can get rare items in Dinkum.

Rare Items Guide – Dinkum

To begin unlocking rare items much easier you will need to have the bulletin board unlocked. The Bulletin Board is a great place where you can accept objectives from people and get rare items in return as rewards.

Open the bulletin board and look for investigation objectives. The investigation objective will require you to head over to a specific area on the map where you will find a fallen satellite which you can break and obtain some rare items from it.

Once you’ve broken this satellite, the investigation objective will be completed and some rare items will drop on the floor.

Don’t pick up the items on the ground if you don’t like them. Simply close off the game to the main menu and re-open it. You will then see that the satellite is back where it was and you can break it again.

Breaking the satellite will grant you different rare items that you may need.

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