Dinkum: Sailboat Guide | Bloomin Spring Update

Read this guide and learn How To Use The Sailboat from the Bloomin Spring Update in Diknum!

If your answer is no, then you`re at the right place. Despite the interesting equipped items, there will be objects that will lead you through different types of adventures. One of them is the sailboat, which is a number one leader through water events.

This guide will show you how to use it and what benefit it brings to you!

Sailboat Guide | Bloomin Spring Update

You can paint it, design the flags and the corners. Once you`re done decorating just hop on and get ready to sail!

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Faster than the road boat or other ships that were included in the game, so it’s a great option If you want to get on time for a certain event. The extra-storage space makes this boat fancier.

You`ll now have the chance to get all of the (sailboat) ingredients, just you need to look deeper and all of them will appear.

So make it on your own a go in the buy it in the blueprint. There is a town reward option where you`ll be able to get the boat as a reward for a completed mission.


  • Gum Wood Plank (15)
  • Palm Wood Plank (15)
  • Hard Wood Plank (15)
  • Cooper Bar (10)
  • Iron Bar (10)
  • Cloth (10)
  • Wooden Chest (1)

Hope this guide helped you to learn more about the Sailboat in Dinkum, where to get it and how to use it! Stay tuned for more!

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