Dinkum: Sally’s Salon

In this guide we will show you how to get Sally into your town in Dinkum!

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Dinkum is still in the early access on Steam such that when you play, you become involved as the game develops further. Dinkum is an indie, RPG, and simulation game, similar to the crowd favorite Animal Crossing. However, one of distinct characteristics of this game is the heavy inspiration from Aussie wildlife which actually made the game pretty cool.

Now, to get the resident stylist in your town. Check this guide out to learn how to get Sally’s Salon!

Sally’s Salon – Dinkum

Even when the game is still in test build, you can now actually get Sally to join you in your town. To build friendship with her, you have to get a couple of haircuts from her when she visits the tent. Make sure that she has two plus hearts and then eventually, she will tell you that she wants to stay in town.

Inside the salon, you can just sit on the Sally’s chair or go to the mirror and check out what you can do there.

In here, you will be able to change your skin tone, eye shape and color, nose shape, and mouth shape. And of course, you can do the haircuts or ask if she has a job for you, when you talk to Sally.

And there you have it, Sally’s Salon in Dinkum!

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