Dinkum: Shark Fighting Guide

Time to learn how to fight with the sharks in Dinkum! In this guide, you’ll be able to see the best way to fight and win the battles with the sharks in Dinkum!

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Like the levels in the game are going forward and it’s about a time when you reach the main reward ion of the things you need to do is fight with the sharks that will appear somewhere in the middle of the game. In the following text, you can see which way will fit the best to win the shark battle easiest way possible. So let’s prepare ourselves to win the shark’s battle best we can!

Shark Fighting Guide – Dinkum

Use the yellow board to enter the water and get closer to the shark.

You’ll be able to jump with the boogie board on him and get him confused.

Use the iron spear and choose the time when he has turned the back and stub him.

Do that several times until he passes out.

From killing the sharks you get the flake- which is shark meat and can serve you for higher-tier food crafting.

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