Dinkum: Shark Fishing Guide

It’s time to catch a big Shark in Dinkum!

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Dinkum is a funny farming game that will always keep you doing plenty of jobs that it’s offering. The fishing can be really enjoyable for those who like fishing, and as we know the shark is one of the most dangerous fish in Dinkum, and if you want this catch to be your next trophy, then we got your back.

This guide will show you how to catch Shark in Dinkum.

Shark Fishing Guide – Dinkum

Catching a shark in Dinkum might be such a great prize. If you see some shark swimming around in the water around your island, then you better don’t wait and go catch that big fish.

To be able to fish for a shark, you need to advance a bit in the game. You need to upgrade your Fishing License to Level 3 and then you will be able to fish sharks.

By getting a level 3 Fishing License, you will automatically obtain the recipe to make your Iron Rod, which will help you to catch a shark.

Craft the Iron Rod, and go for your Shark. You have to throw the rod as you do for a regular fish, then the shark will eventually bite the bait.

After this you must reel in the shark, and then it will come up on the shore. Once it is out of the water, the shark will be stunned for a few seconds and this is your chance to hit it until it gives you Flake.

When you catch the shark on the shore, you will receive an achievement if it was your first time fishing a shark.

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