Dinkum: Sprinkler Guide

Want to know how to properly water your plants by using sprinklers in Dinkum? Check out this guide to find out.

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In Dinkum you are able to do a ton of things. Creating one of the greatest farms for your base and making it productive is important if you want to have great food production and simply have food that you can eat during your adventures. Sprinklers will surely come in handy if you need to water your plants well in Dinkum and make them more productive.

This guide will show you all you need to know about sprinklers in Dinkum.

Sprinkler Guide – Dinkum

Once you’ve reached farming level 20, you will unlock the Sprinklers. These little fellas will water your plants automatically and won’t let you worry about them at all.

To set up a working sprinkler, you will need to have a water tank filled with water that can be hooked up to the sprinkler.

These are the following ingredients that are needed for you to build a water tank:

  • Hard Wood Plank = 15/15
  • Tin Sheet = 15/15
  • Old Contraption = 1/1
  • Iron Bar = 8/8
  • Nails = 8/8

These are the following ingredients that are needed for you to build a sprinkler:

  • Copper Bar = 5/5
  • Quartz Crystal = 4/4
  • Old Spring = 4/4
  • Old Gear = 4/4

The water tank provides water for 10 tiles in a radius. This means that you can place sprinklers around it and crops for them to automatically begin watering your plants.

The sprinklers water 1 tile out and you will need to set up a few of them if you want to have an efficient farm.

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