Dinkum: Teleport Guide

Want to find the best way to fast travel in Dinkum? Check out this teleport guide and roam anywhere on the map!

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Dinkum is an amazing Australian-type adventure game where you leave everyday life and begin your adventure on an island. The island is so big that it would require you to move around the area much quicker by using a teleport.

This guide will show you how to use teleports in Dinkum.

Teleport Guide – Dinkum

The Tele Towers are big structures that you can repair and use. Once you’ve repaired 2 Tele Towers, you can speak with Franklyn in his Big House (Not the Tent area).

Once you’ve spoken with Franklyn about the Tele Towers, he will give you a structure that is a teleporter which you can place in your town. Make sure to place it in a specific area that you like because you are only able to have 1.

And just like that, you can now explore the island, find more broken towers that you can fix and use them as teleports to get you around the island much quicker.

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