Dinkum: Terraforming Guide

Time to clear out an area and begin making your perfect base in Dinkum! Check out this terraforming guide!

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Dinkum is a great Australian-type adventure game where you are sent to an island to live a unique life and move away from the everyday 9-5 job in the city. During your time on the island, you will learn a bunch of new activities and meet up with great adventurers who are seeking to live a great and enjoyable life just like you.

This guide will show you everything about terraforming in Dinkum.

Terraforming Guide – Dinkum

The best way to clear out giant areas of dirt is by using a Compactor. This item can be created by Franklyn once you have the proper materials for it.

Higher areas with dirt can be removed by jumping at that spot and using the compactor at the same time. This method will easily remove bigger areas.

With the shovel, you would be clearing out dirt areas 1 by 1 and it will take you a lot of time. Get yourself a Compactor and dig out anything in Dinkum!

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