Dinkum: Tractor Guide

Don’t know how to use your tractor in Dinkum? Read this Tractor Guide and learn more about its use and what you can do with it.

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We all know that to have a good and land filled with products in Dinkum you’ll need to find the proper way and work the land. One of the items that will help you that it’s the Tractor. There are some hidden benefits that you may want to learn to read the following text and prepare yourself to get all the benefits this vehicle can offer you.

Tractor Guide – Dinkum

Step 1: Get the License

To be able to use the Tractor you’ll need the following licenses:

  • Farm License – Level 3
  • Irrigation License – Level 2
  • Vehicle License – Level 2
  • Agricultural Vehicle License – Level 3

Step 2: Take Control

Once you got all of the licenses you can start and control the tractor. It’s really cool how you can change the directions.

Take this order:

  • Pull up the machine
  • Harvest
  • Plowing
  • Planting seeds

These are the things that can be covered by controlling your tractor.

Step 3: Be Awakened

You may break torches, and scarecrows… so be careful.

Put the boundaries well so you won’t have any troubles.

Step 4: Upgrade Your Tractor

In the later game, you’ll be able with help from Franklin to build up your tractor.

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