Check out this guide to find out how you can properly use traps in Dinkum!

Dinkum is a great Australian-type adventure game where you are sent to an island to live a unique life and move away from the everyday 9-5 job in the city. During your time on the island, you will learn a bunch of new activities and meet up with great adventurers who are seeking to live a great and enjoyable life just like you.

In this guide, you will get to learn the basics about traps and trapping in Dinkum!

Traps Guide (The Basics) – Dinkum

To begin trapping animals, you will need to have a simple animal trap and a basic drop-off point. The drop-off point is used to put the trapped animal there and it will be flown in the air.

Once you’re all set up with your trap and the drop-off point, find an animal that is aggressive and begin luring it towards your trap.

You can always use a longer weapon such as a spear to hit the animal multiple times to it stays angry at you and continues to follow you.

Place down the trap on the ground and align the animal directly at the trap so it gets stuck. Once the animal gets stuck inside the trap, simply pick up the box and take it to the drop off point where it will be obtained.

The next day, you will obtain some money and your trap back in the mailbox for the delivered animal.

And just like that, you can now easily trap animals in traps and sell them for money in Dinkum!

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