Dinkum: Ultimate Bombs Guide

Did you know how to use the bombs in Dinkum? From this ultimate bomb guide, you can see if they are good or not to use.dinku

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One thing is for sure, there isn’t a single item than can crush walls like a bomb. This is why they are as well available in Dinkum. Despite that, these kinds of crashing walls will lead you to your wanted location, set them properly can really help you eliminate some of your opponents. There are some borders that you need to know about before using them. It’s good to learn them so you don’t get hurt or dismiss your aim.

Ultimate Bombs Guide – Dinkum

Once you set the bomb take 5 steps back so you don’t get hit.

They are great founders as well, that can open your road and lead you to some new items.

You can dig the land if you need by setting the bomb in the same place.

Don’t go too far with this technique you may not be able to exit the hole as fast as the bomb explodes.

To sum up, using the bombs can help you open the road easily, mark and damage things and kill enemies or make some food from the animals.

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