Dinkum: Vehicle Painting Guide

You’ve obtained a vehicle in Dinkum and want to give it a fresh new look? Check out this guide to find out how you can paint your vehicle!

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In Dinkum you can upgrade yourself and your island to a level where you will need a vehicle for getting around the area. A vehicle is a great source of transport to have if you want to explore the lands and obtain more resources for your island. Giving your vehicle a fresh new look is great if you want to have a unique character!

This guide will show you how to paint vehicles in Dinkum!

Vehicle Painting Guide – Dinkum

The paint colors are the basic colors that you can find if you were to roam around and explore the Deep Mine. Once you are there, you will eventually obtain the following colors:

  • Yellow Paint
  • Red Paint
  • Blue Paint
  • Orange Paint
  • Pink Paint
  • Purple Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Paint Remover

Once you’ve obtained these paints, you can simply have them in your hot-bar and walk up to any type of vehicle that you have. Left-Click the vehicle with the paint that you are holding to change the color!

If a vehicle has a color that you don’t like, you can simply have a Paint Remover item in your hand and left-click the vehicle to completely strip off the paint and return the vehicle to its stock form.

After that, you can just apply a different color of paint to your vehicle to change its looks and make it unique!

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