Dinkum: Wattle & Bottle Brush Farm Guide

Do you know the use of the Wattle & Bottle Brush on the farm in Dinkum? Check out this guide and learn more about it.

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There’s no end to the new and interesting items in Dinkum. Wattle & Bottle Brush are on the list as well. If you want to save your time and focus on the other items as well then you need to read and learn what this guide has to offer you. These plants are really worth planting and here is why.

Wattle & Bottle Brush Farm Guide – Dinkum

First is good to know that you need an ax or chainsaw to maintain these plants because of their strength.

Once you cut them you’ll be able to get their seeds for further use.

You’ll get both from each plant the seed and start to dig a hole in a proper location.

Then press Q to add the seed to the hole. This way you’ll be able to grow your Farms.

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