Want to learn more about the Wind Mill in Dinkum? Check this guide and learn more about the speed, weather effects and range.

Dinkum is a great open-world adventure game where you spawn on an island and scavenge the area to collect various resources and build yourself a camp where you can enjoy life and meet up with new people. The game was firstly released on Steam and continues to show positive feedback to all the players.

This guide will show you all you need to know about a Wind Mill in Dinkum.

Wind Mill Guide – Dinkum

A Wind Mill is a great structure that you can use to speed up the process of foods being cooked.

A great way to obtain animal feed is to set up a ton of Grain Mills in a straight line for up to 12 tiles and you will see how fast animal feed will come out once the Grain Mills have been filled up with wheat.

A grinder, barbecue, and even a woodcutter can become more efficient once a wind mill has been placed around them.

Even if these products are affected by the windmill all of these machines need to pass through the night cycle so it can increase the product. 

You can use the machine book at any time to learn more about all of them and how to use them.

Animal feed, food (flower, sugar cane), ore and other products of them can be produced with these machines. – It can be mowed by the windmill.

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