Dinkum: Worm Farm vs Compost Bin (Which is Better?)

This guide will help you choose between Worm Farm and Compost Bin in Dinkum. Which one is better to invest in?

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Both of these parts of the game offer different things that will help you grow more of your supplies. You can as well learn things about how to activate and get your old resources easily back on track. Crafting, materials, fertilizer and other elements are as well part of both of them and in the rest of this guide, you can learn more facts about them.

Worm Farm vs Compost Bin (Which is Better?) – Dinkum

1. Crafting

First, it’s good to know that once you reach level 20 you’ll be able to unlock the worm farm in which there will be different and various types of bugs.

You’ll increase the number of them by first catching the normal bugs and boosting them by eating PAV at the same time.

The Worm Farms are heavy on resources and most of them are difficult to find. Thankfully there are plenty of tricks that you’ll be able to learn during the game and make the crafting easy as in the other parts.

2. Materials and Placing Kangaroo

Once you start each of them, you’ll be able to collect bones which is pretty easy once you learn to hunt. And this is one advantage of this one. The highest rate until now is seen by catching dogs.

When it comes to other materials there can be found as well on the ground once you catch or grab them and try to place them in an appropriate dig hole and try not to keep them ticking because that way they will be able to spawn easily.

3. Placing the Materials

Once you’ve collected all of the previously numbered you need to place them and see the magic happen.

After 7 days (every 7 days) you can collect the fertilizer passively.

4. Which One Is Better?

After all of the shown above and the comparison we made, if you look for something that will help you in the short term then Combat Bin farm is the one you need.

But if you look something that will last in long term and keep all of the resources together than the Worm Farm is worth to invest time in.

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