Disney Dreamlight Valley: Farming Guide (The Basics)

Want to figure out how to properly farm in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Check out this guide to make sure things go as smooth as butter!

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Farming is the backbone of Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is something that you’ll need to do essentially to progress through the game. It is not as simple as you might think.

That is why we will be talking about the Basics in Disney Dreamlight Valley and you’ll get to learn a lot through this Farming Guide. Let’s get started.

Farming Guide (The Basics) – Disney Dreamlight Valley

The most important thing to every farmer – the SHOVEL! You will have a shovel in the game without having the need to buy it. Then once you have it, you’ll need to actually equip it.

When having the shovel you will get a sort of indicator where it is that you’ll be able to dig a plot of land. It will say – Plant Seed on the ground.

The circles are showing where you are able to dig(if green) and the highlighted square is where you have already dug the ground.

Basically, you will hit rightclick on the ground to dig up farm plots like these. The best pattern to dig them up is usually 3×3. If you make a mistake and you want to remove a plot, you right-click it again.

Then after you have the plots you will need to Plant Seed. Press E when next to it and you’ll get to your seeds menu.

The easiest way to plant is to hold E. This way you’ll plant multiple.

Then go ahead and take the Watering Can in your hand and actually hold right-click again to water the plants. If it is raining you won’t have to do this.

After a while, these plants will proceed to grow. You can spot the difference in the picture below:

Only pick up the grown and ready plants.

So that is it! Once the plants have grown you will go ahead and plant new ones in their place and so on. This is the secret to becoming the best Disney farmer!

Congratulations on learning new things and we hope that this guide was helpful. Happy farming!

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