Disney Dreamlight Valley: Harvest Basil & Oregano

Are you struggling to find your roots in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Follow my instructions and make your life way easier!

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation adventure game published by Gameloft and was released throughout every platform. It is a very fun relaxing game. It is quite a family game to play alongside your little ones.

This guide will show you how to harvest basil and oregano in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Harvest Basil & Oregano – Disney Dreamlight Valley

At different times during the game, you will be asked to collect some ingredients. I will be showing you the easiest way to be able to visualize them and not have a problem knowing which one is which.


When on ground the Basil has big dark green leaf sans had like dirt around it. Once harvested you can see that it a super positioning of leaves one after another for a total number of 9. Check it out in the image just right here!


The Oregano on the other hand is quite different. When on the ground it looks like a dry tree. It has several branches and just little leaves. Smaller leaves on the bottom area and 3 or 4 big leaves on top.

When the Oregano is harvested you can see the spacing between the leaves and they are small, and they are facing north-east. You can also see the brown branch which keeps the leaves on. You can see it on the image I have down below.

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