Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Duplicate Your Storage Chest

Want to learn How To Duplicate Your House Storage Chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Then check this out!

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley you are going to manage a lot of items and materials which are needed for the quests or to craft different items. For better and faster access to your items even when you are exploring the map, you can duplicate your storage chest anywhere on the map, and can take or drop any items while you are farming.

In this guide we will tell you How to Duplicate your House Storage Chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

How To Duplicate Your Storage Chest – Disney Dreamlight Valley

Most of your time you are farming around and exploring the map of Dreamlight Valley. Your inventory will get full of items faster than you think, and instead of going back to your house, you can use your storage chest anywhere on the map.

To do so, you need to duplicate your storage chest. This little trick won’t increase your storage, but it will give you quick access to your storage chest.

To duplicate your storage chest from your house, first, you need to take out all of the items, then go into build mode, and press the middle mouse button to remove it.

Like this you will put the chest back in your Furniture section, and still, you can place it down anytime and anywhere you want.

Now, once you pick it up, head to Scrooge McDuck and you can buy more chests from him.

 Talk to him and click to order items, and then select the furniture.

In the Furniture menu, you need to select Storage, and there it is, you can buy plenty of chests for a cost of 3.200 Dreamland.

After purchasing some chests, you can place them anywhere on the map.

It’s recommended to place the chest to the area where you are usually farming, and you can quickly use some meals and energy boosters from the chest.

Also, when your inventory is full, you can quickly drop the items inside the chest, and not waste time going all long back to your house.

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