Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to get Gems FAST

It takes too much time to collect gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Check out this guide to speed the process!

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley you will be doing tons of things. You will be building your house, decorating the furniture, and once in a while you will go out mining.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to go mining and how to get Gems very FAST. Let’s get started.

How to get Gems FAST – Disney Dreamlight Valley

To be able to get GEMS and to be able to get GEMS extremely fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley you will need to first find a companion that has the Mining Skill.

Then once you have a companion with the mining skill you will want to walk around the map and look for some stones or mine ores. They can be seen on rocks on mountains that are sticking out slightly from all the stone walls.

 Simply walk up next to them and interact with them with your pickaxe to begin digging them up.

As you mine any of these ores you will always get the ores that it is. But every once in a while you will get a slight chance of mining some extra Gems that you might need.

These ores can be found literally thrown across all of the map. Just follow and hug the mountain walls and you will be seeing them right next to each other.

Then once you dig them up you will wait for the companion with the mining trait to get next to the ore that you’ve just mined.

In this case, it is Donald Duck. There will be a small animation that they will do and if there is a GEM to be found, he will throw it in the air next to you.

After mining for a while with your mining companion you will get them to Level up as well. This means that they will reach a higher possibility of them finding GEMS.

Other than that they will also get you more GEMS in quantity too.

And that is it! That is how you get GEMS very fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

We hope that this guide has provided you with a lot of GEMS. Have fun using them!

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