Disney Dreamlight Valley: Remove The First Magic Gate Guide

Want to open the magic gates in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Check out this guide to find out!

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There are two magic gates in Disney Dreamlight Valley that you must open in order to proceed in a new area of the map. Players have been having a tough time finding ways to open these gates even though opening them is fairly easy. The game gives you a riddle that you must find out what it is in order to open the gates. In order to skip confusion we have made guides that will help you open the gates with ease.

Let’s open some gates!

Remove The First Magic Gate Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first magic gate is being held by 3 totems all with a corresponding color, in order to open the gate you will need to match the corresponding color of gem with the totem.

You will need 3 gems in total:

Peridot Gem

Aquamarine Gem

Garnet Gem

Aquamarine Gem

The Aquamarine Gem can be found in the mineral veins in Dazzle Beach and The Forest of Valour.

Peridot Gem

The Peridot Gem can be mined from the mineral veins of Dazzle Beach and Peaceful Meadow.

Garnet Gem

The Garnet Gem can be mined from The mineral veins of Plaza and Peaceful Meadow.

After you’ve gained all of the gems you will need to go to the totems and place the colored gems with in the corresponding totem.

  • Green – Peridot
  • Blue – Aquamarine
  • Red – Garnet

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