Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Secret Door

Can’t open the secret door in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Check out this guide to find out how to do it!

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The Secret door quest is a quest that you gain from Mickey Mouse, This quest has a pretty simple puzzle but it has had players scratching their heads in confusion because they seem to be stuck after they find the first piece of the puzzle and are in a constant loop of not knowing what to do. To skip this confusion we’ve compiled an article just for you.

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The Secret Door – Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Secret Door quest is a side quest from Mickey Mouse, in order to start his quest you need to open the magical chest that Mickey finds in the game.

Once open you will get an image that has a door with gems on it hidden behind some draped red curtains.

Once you gain this image you will need to go and talk to Mickey, he will tell you that he remembers seeing the door somewhere but does not remember where he has seen it and gives you a riddle that goes “Turrets and towers you will behold. Within: a door things old and new”.

What this riddle means is that the door can be found in the castle above the plaza.

Once inside the plaza you will see the door here.

And to complete the quest you will need to place four common gems.

The gems you will need are:

  • Aquamarine Gem
  • Citrine Gem
  • Garnet Gem
  • Tourmaline Gem

Remember you will need to use common gems the door will not accept any shiny or big gems just the gems that are specified above.

After this, you will be able to open the door and complete the quest. That is pretty much how you beat the Secret Door puzzle from Mickey Mouse in the game Disney Dreamlight.

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