Dolmen: How to Play Co-Op

Check out this guide to learn how to play Co-Op in Dolmen!

Dolmen is a shooter game where you explore space and encounter different creatures and builds. Your job is to remove any monster who is a threat and grow your character stronger as you continue progressing throughout the game. You are also able to play some parts of the game Co-Op and tag along with your friends.

This guide will show you how to play Co-Op in Dolmen.

Dolmen: How to Play Co-Op

The first and most important thing to know about Co-Op in Dolmen is that this mode is only available when you want to fight bosses.

The full storyline game is not available in Co-Op, that part is only playable in single-player mode.

To host a Dolmen Co-Op lobby, you will need to have 3 Dolmen Fragments. To join a lobby, you will only need to have 1 Dolmen Fragment.

These Dolmen Fragments can be obtained by killing enemies, they look like red crystals and will appear on your screen once you collect them.

To begin a Co-Op, you need to locate a boss starter. These can be located outside every boss arena, interacting with this object will give you two options:

  • Respawn Boss
  • Multiplayer

Chose the option you want to choose, in this situation hit multiplayer and you will have the ability to “Create Session” or “Join Session”.

Once you press on “Create Session” you will see the rewards and requirements for the boss. Press next and you will need to put down a password for your session.

Your teammate will now need to join the session by opening up the boss machine and press on “Join Session”. There they will find a list of sessions, including yours.

Once they type in the password and get inside your session, the Co-Op can begin.

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