Just starter playing Dome Keeper? Here are four hidden achievements that you should not miss in Dome Keeper.

Dome Keeper is a single-player action indie roguelike game in cute pixel art graphics. In this game you play as the Dome Keeper where you defend your dome from wave after wave of monsters. And between each wave is the time that you dig for resources and artifacts for upgrades and bonuses.

There are four hidden achievements in Dome Keeper. Check out this guide to find out.

4 Hidden Achievements Guide – Dome Keeper

Hidden achievements just don’t appear in your Achievement vs. Global where you can see all achievements. And it doesn’t reveal the unlock conditions until you have unlocked them. The only way to unlock hidden achievements is to hit the milestone by chance while playing the game.

The four hidden achievements and how to complete them are:

  • Learning Opportunity – Die 10 times
  • Deep and Greedy – Get to a depth of 100 blocks from your dome
  • Close Call – Surive a fight with 1% health
  • Thorough – Strip mine each layer in the map and clean up the corners

And that’s the four hidden achievements in Dome Keeper. Get ‘em all!

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