This is the best starter guide if you want to play Dome Keeper!

Dome Keeper is a single-player action indie rogue-like game where you play as the Dome Keeper. This game is a powerful blend of meditative mining and wave-based tower defense. Your main objective is to keep your dome intact from wave after wave of monsters trying to take it down.

Here is a guide to get you started in Dome Keeper!

Best Starter Guide – Dome Keeper

Mine Efficiently

Get to deeper parts of the mine in the beginning of the game when it is easy. Go as deep as your drill can and smash them quickly.

Grab all the good stuff and then resurface to upgrade and defend your dome. Mine the shallow part when the game gets difficult. This way you can go up the surface as quickly as you can. Also, mining deeper allows you to end the game faster.

What you can do here is to dig straight down until the rocks don’t break quickly. And then, dig either left or right on the easy rocks at that level.

Go back to your main tunnel, the one that you use to go up and down and then go up a few spaces so that there are 3 or 4 levels of blocks between the entrances of the sideward tunnels. Repeat the process and just bring up the minerals before the monsters get there.

Sometime, you would have to leave the minerals on the ground and bring them up on different trips. Taking the maximum load will just slow you down.

Fight Efficiently

Go back to your dome before the monsters. Kill the ones that deal the most damage first. And then decide which ones to target next based on their timing or movement.


The first upgrade should always be the spawn timer. This will alert you of an impending attack and you are not inside the dome. Remember, the main objective is to keep your dome alive. Mining is only secondary. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice some gadgets for the repair goods.

The next things you want to upgrade are your drill and fly speed. This is particularly essential if you want to just smash and go. The lift gadget also comes in handy for this strategy.

So these are the tips that you may follow when you are just starting playing Dome Keeper. Enjoy!

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