Textures bland for your taste? Find out if you can change textures in Dome Keeper.

Dome Keeper just launched in Steam with nostalgic yet refreshing 8-bit graphics set in Sci-Fi. Dome Keeper offers a captivating atmosphere, with music tracks that give you a sense of the jet age.

In this article, you will find out if you can change the textures in Dome Keeper.

Can you Change Textures? (Find Out!) – Dome Keeper

Just a back track, many players have noticed that the textures in the full version of Dome Keeper is different from the demo version. And many have declared preference on the demo version over the full version.

But here’s the developer’s response. Before the changes, there was actually a Discord poll on player preference for different designs. The winning vote was the same as the one in-game. Although the visuals are a bit different, the system is all the same.

The developers have actually done improvements on the full version’s textures – noise reduction, more readable tiles, biome transitions looking better, better light system, less repetitive background decorations, and more importantly, better performance from reducing loads of textures.

But the thing is, the developers guaranteed that they will definitely improve the current in-game graphics highlighting that the map is just 3 weeks old and player feedback is most welcome to get ideas on which parts need improvement.

Moreover, the developers said that if it doesn’t reach a level where most people are happy, having the old system partially back can be considered as an option too.

So, to get back to our question, can you change textures? No. But hey, the devs are working on it!

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