Dome Keeper: Difficulty Changes

Check out all the difficulty changes that are going to be done to Dome Keeper in this guide.

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Dome Keeper is a game that will test your skills on how fast and able you are to hack and slash through a lot of enemies. People have been complaining that it’s too easy though.

If you are one of them, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will be talking about whether there are difficulty changes or will be in the future. Let’s get started.

Difficulty Changes – Dome Keeper

If you have been playing through Dome Keeper you will know just how fun it can be. You will feel as though this game has flashed and you have finished it in just a couple of hours. Well, the reason why it passed so fast is because it isn’t a very long game to begin with.

Players have been wondering if there are some ways how to change the problematic or even better yet, choose a bigger and larger map that will provide us with more challenges.

Let us just pass on to you the words from the developer itself:

‘’It’s possible that I’ll adjust the settings for the challenge level such that there are three of them in addition to the normal one (brutal right now).

Providing a greater number of modifiers is one way to make the discussion more engaging. I’m still undecided about the granularity; for example, “fast” and “feeble” might mean two different things, and I’m thinking whether this should be two choices, or possibly a slider, for determining how quickly the monsters should move.

That seems to be a little too much personalization for the time being, and at this point I’m leaning more toward creating intriguing “presets.”

I’m all ears if you have any suggestions as to what kinds of mods you would find enjoyable for yourself.

The map sizes have been increased; on the massive map, how far have you progressed in the upgrade tree? When the upgrade tree has reached its maximum level, I’ve always had the impression that the majority of the game’s content is completed.”

As you can see the developer is working on increasing the difficulty of the game. So you can rest assured that one of these days we will be getting a very challenging Dome Keeper. Until then, we just need to be patient.

We hope that this guide gave you the answer that you were looking for!

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