Trying to see which gadget is the best in Dome Keeper? Check out this guide and see the tier list.

Dome Keeper is a unique rogue-lite mining game where players fight waves of monsters that get stronger as the game goes on. Dig down into cave systems between waves of attacks to look for useful items, but be careful, the next wave is coming!

In this guide, we will be talking about the best Gadget Tier List. Let’s get started.

Gadget Tier List – Dome Keeper

Dome Keeper is a very fun game where you will be using gadgets a whole lot. There are certain things that you need to know when using them. Some are clearly better than others. If you do know which one is the best you will know how to use them and in terms become a better Dome Keeper.

Here is the Tier List of the best Gadgets that you are able to use in Doomer Keeper:


The teleporter is great from the start because it saves you time traveling. Upgrades are cheap and very useful, and you can teleport a lot of resources from the depths of the abyss without breaking a sweat (this is probably the only reason I beat YAFI).


Lift: Does pretty much the same thing as the upgraded teleporter, but it’s not as easy to use. Even if you don’t have a teleporter, this is still very useful and doesn’t take up a dome slot.

The stun laser makes battles a little bit easier and doesn’t use up a dome slot. Easy fights save you cobalt and give you a little more time to upgrade your weapons. There’s no reason not to take it sometime during your run.


Probe saves you time when mining by showing you where resources and relics are. It works without any upgrades and is pretty good.

Drillbert is a semi-autonomous digger that is almost useless without an upgrade (unless you get it from a previous lost game, in which case it gives you a nice early boost). He starts to be useful when he gets an upgrade that lets him turn around when he hits an indestructible wall. On big maps, it can save a lot of time when mining.

Resource converter: Basically, it gives you free access to the resources you want.


Condenser: It basically gives you free resources, but only water. Useful if you’re worried about running out of water.

Blast mining lets you save time on mining by destroying a few tiles at once. Works fine, but needs to be managed very carefully and takes a long time to charge without an upgrade. Buying your own drill seems to be the best choice. Most likely more helpful on smaller maps

That’s everything you need to know about the Gadgets in Dome Keeper. Remember that all of them are useful, just some of them are more than others. What that means, is that you won’t need to throw away your C Tier gadgets. Instead, use them only when necessary.

We hope that this guide was helpful and aided you in choosing getting to know which gadgets are the best. Have fun using them!

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