Dome Keeper: Upgrades Guide

Find out about upgrades in Dome Keeper in this guide!

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Dome Keeper is indeed a game that you should keep an eye on. It has simple pixel-like graphics but with a powerful blend of meditative mining and wave-based tower defense. In this game, timing could be your only enemy.

Find out in this guide all the upgrades that you can do for your dome in Dome Keeper!

Upgrades Guide – Dome Keeper

The objective of Dome Keeper is to keep your dome as intact as possible through many different upgrades to improve its ability to withstand monster’s attacks from the outside. In order to do this, you have to constantly upgrade your dome as you mine resources from the bottom.

One of the strongest upgrades for your dome would be the Electrified Bladewhich has a damage of 10. Before you can get the Electrified Blade, you have to go through some minor upgrades which cost a certain amount of resources.

With each upgrade you will see the cost on the right side, and the total inventory of your resources on the bottom left of the Upgrades tab.

Below are all the upgrades that you can make in Dome Keeper.

Work through all the upgrades and make the strongest dome against the invading monsters!

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