Doors Paradox: Levels Guide

This article is a walkthrough to the first few levels of Doors: Paradox!

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Doors: Paradox is a puzzle escape game in which players solve a variety of hand-crafted 3D dioramas, and magical puzzles in an enchanted world in more than 8 hours of fun. Here, you will be accompanied by your time-travel guide Zula through unexplored portals to different worlds. The Halloween Demo is out now on Steam.

This guide will show you the first few levels in Doors: Paradox!

Levels Guide – Doors Paradox

1 First Steps

The first level will actually have a tutorial on how to navigate the game.

Here is a list of the items that you need to obtain in this puzzle:

  • Hook 1 – found on the pot of the yellow flower on the left side of the door. Zoom in and rotate to pot to collect the object
  • Door Knob – found on the stool on the other side of the door with the white flowers
  • Key – found on the flower vase above the door. Pull the rope to break the vase and collect the key
  • Clover – found inside the mailbox. Open the mailbox by swiping the lock. You can also find a note here.
  • Hook 2 – found on one side of the door. Use the key to remove lock of one side of the door and move the knob to the other side.

Open the other side of the door by dragging the clover to the knob in the middle and insert the hooks on the top and bottom chains. Twist the knob to reveal a portal.

2 Vampire Diaries

Here is a list of the items that you need to obtain in this puzzle:

  • 2 Puzzle elements – solve the puzzle by the circular window atop the tower. Find the correct arrangement below:
  • Torch – found under the cupboard to the right of the tower. You will also find a note and a gemstone here.
  • Handles – found on the pillars with the gargoyles. Insert one of the puzzle elements on the bottom and connect the passageway to move the puzzle element from the bottom to the gargoyle. Solving the puzzle breaks the gargoyle and will reveal a handle.
  • Photo – Use the handles to open the rotating display cabinets with the books and photo frames. The side with the books will reveal a code, while the other side will have the photo. Use the photo to open the door with the underground stairwell under the rotating display cabinets.
  • Key – Downstairs you will notice an upright coffin. Opening the coffin will reveal a corpse which seems like a sleeping vampire. Light the torch and burn the corpse to obtain a key.

To open the large door, mix and match the symbols with code behind the books and insert the key into the hole to reveal a portal.

3 Infernal Fire

Here is a list of the items that you need to obtain in this puzzle:

  • Puzzle piece – found inside the drawer underneath the couch
  • Book – found inside the drawer underneath the couch
  • Knife – found on top of the door near the window
  • Key – found inside the teddy. Use the knife to slice it open.

Literal Plot Twist – twist the island to the other side to switch the teddy and the masked toy on the couch.

  • Medallion – unfasten the mask to reveal the key hole on the masked toy. Use the key to unlock the mask and open the mouth.

Use the medallion on the wooden bird to reveal a puzzle where you insert the puzzle piece. Solve the puzzle to reveal a button.

When the puzzle starts turning, use the button to make it stop at this position and rearrange the symbols into this position:

Doing this will reveal some sort of a witchcraft table. Place the book on the table and connect the dots to this pattern:

This will reveal another portal.

4 Sanatorium

Here is a list of the items that you need to obtain in this puzzle:

  • Paving stone – found on the floor. Just remove the other stones on top of it.
  • Scalpel – found on the tray next to the body
  • Screwdriver – found in a display cabinet above the body. Use the paving stone to break the glass open.
  • Wrench – use the scalpel to cut the rope that ties the wheelchair to the door. This will reveal a small storage.
  • Disk – use the scalpel to cut the rope that ties the wheelchair to the door. This will reveal a small storage.
  • Green Bulb – use the wrench to drain the sink and retrieve a bulb
  • Rotator – remove the red bulb and replace it with the green bulb. This will reveal the words HELP ME by the door. Go to the side where the body is and use the disk on the board with the letter and spell out HELP ME. The board will open and reveal a rotator, a note, and three switches. Turn on all switches to reveal the body scan.

Use the rotator to solve the puzzle in the door lock:

To unlock the portal, use the scanner to find all the symbols in the body and their orientation and follow the pattern on the door.

5 Scary Spiders

Here is a list of the items that you need to obtain in this puzzle:

  • Mask – click on the face of the bust statue to take off the mask
  • Arrow – twist open the grills of the case enclosing the skeleton
  • Claw – lift the telephone up to magically reveal a code. Go to the bookshelf at the left side of the phone and follow the pattern as written in the code. This will unlock the bookshelf to reveal drawers. Obtain the claw from one of the drawers.
  • Full claw – use the claw to obtain the handle from the fireplace.
  • Handle – dip the full claw into the ice water bath near the fireplace.

Solve the puzzle by the door to reveal the hole where you insert the knob.

Twist the knob to reveal a bow. Cast the arrow to the bow and kill the giant spider. Insert the mask on to the slot on the door to open the portal.

6 Absolute Order

Here is a list of the items that you need to obtain in this puzzle:

  • Winding key – click on the hanging winding key by the door
  • Handle – use the winding key on the clock to get the handle
  • Mechanism Part 1 – repair the vase and get the mechanism part
  • Mechanism Part 2 – click on the floating books to get them out of the way and use the handle to remove the bookshelf. Open the case to get this part.
  • Chess Figure – draw the curtains open and straighten the corridor by pulling the ropes.

Use the mechanism parts to solve the puzzle above the door:

This will open a slot for the chess figure. Arrange the block such that the prism from the chess figure will hit the stone above.

Slide open the locks to reveal the portal.

And that’s the first six levels of Doors: Paradox!

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