Dragon Quest Treasures: How To View Hidden Treasure

Do you know how to view hidden treasure on the Dragon Quest Treasures Map? If now this guide can show you how!

There can be some spots on the map that are difficult to reach and there is a possibility to miss the hidden treasure. In this guide, you’ll be able to see how to view the hidden treasure in two different locations from the Dragon Quest Treasures map. Let’s dig up some gold!

How To View Hidden Treasure – Dragon Quest Treasures

Location 1 – Coldspring Cavern

Go there and stop on the field that’s next to the river. Then press: Left button + B to see the treasure. You’ll need to repeat this and hold the buttons until you see the treasure.

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Once you locate the treasure, press A to dig up. It’s all yours now.

From this location you’ll be able to get the Slime Jewel as well, little pink slime will that’s much sought after amongst slimes. 

Location 2 – Pirates Stockade

There is a box of hidden treasure in the Pirates Stockade and using Oozabella vision with the same buttons (left + B) you will be able to view and dig it up (with A)!

Use the same combination to see the hidden treasures in other locations. Enjoy the research.

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