You've upgraded to a point where you just farm them...

Are you strong enough to tackle bosses with relative ease? Do you want to farm massive amounts of XP in a relatively short amount of time? Do you have a lot of Camp Kit’s that you haven’t used yet? Then this guide is for you.

As you proceed to progress in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will get to a point where you just need to farm bosses in order to gain massive chunks of XP.

How To Infinitely Spawn Bosses To Farm XP In Dragon’s Dogma 2

So, the spawning in the game works more or less like this:

  • Sleep at an Inn/House/Camp once, and most smaller enemies will respawn.
  • Sleep a few days/make a few days pass, and mostbosses” respawn.

However, there is a place near Checkpoint Rest Town that has infinitely spawning bosses after just one day of resting with your character, and they are near a Campsite.

This area will usually spawn two bosses and they can either be at the same location, or near one another, and we’ll show you where this is (The route also doubles as a secret way to get to Battahl without a permit).

How to Spawn The Bosses

There are three types of bosses that can spawn here, speaking from personal experience as nothing else has spawn for me:

  • The Cyclops
  • The Chimera
  • The Minotaur

In most cases, it was two Minotaurs that spawned one after the other, but there’s a combination where both the Chimera and Minotaur can spawn at the same location. The Cyclops spawns a bit earlier than these two, near a rope bridge.

Once you defeat them, as we discussed – you can respawn them by resting at a Campsite which is located somewhere at the middle of that road.


You can farm a lot of experience here and level pretty quickly. The fastest way to level discovered so far, granted you should be able to handle these bosses without too much trouble.

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