The NPC Level is not rising as fast as you want? Check out this guide to figure out how to level up NPCs fast in Dreamlight Valley.

Dreamlight Valley is a brand new life simulator adventure game released by Gameloft. This game has great interesting features from Disney and Pixar. In this open-world game, you will be able to do various things and complete different missions. With the game being brand new, some players still struggle to figure out some controls and game mechanics. Not to worry!

This guide will show you how you can level up NPCs fast in Dreamlight Valley.

NPC Fast-Leveling Guide – Dreamlight Valley

Each NPC has a friendship level. Unlocking a higher friendship level of an NPC will allow you to have more perks and features with that NPC.

There is an option with each NPC to keep you company with whatever you do in the game. This command will allow your NPC to gain EXP and also gain levels through the things that you are doing.

The best way to raise a ton of EXP for an NPC is to make sure he is following you and you start planting seeds. Each seed that you plant will give him EXP.

NOTE that this will only work to the NPC if you assign them to this job. If you assign your NPC to a different job, you will need to do that as well to raise his levels.

After you’ve done with your farming, say goodbye to the NPC and give him a gift that he loves. On the bottom side of the screen, you will see the things that your NPC will love to be gifted.

And just like that, your NPC will gain a ton of levels in a short period of time.

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