Dual Universe: How Long Does Demo Last

Taking interest in Dual Universe? Here’s an idea how the long the demo lasts.

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Dual universe is a first-person, player-driven Sci-Fi MMO in a persistent universe. Here, you can build almost anything out of voxels, trade in a free economy, lead industries, travel through space, explore planets, or wage war in a fully editable sandbox universe.

This game is still on demo mode on Steam and this guide will tell you for how long you can play the free demo.

How Long Does Demo Last – Dual Universe

One thing about this game is that it runs on a subscription model, wherein buying the game on Steam gives you one month of game time, and the subscription is not recurring.

Newcomers to Dual Universe will be introduced to the game with a released demo wherein gameplay is accelerated. In this free trial, in-game markets sell items at very discounted prices and there is open access to resources in order to freely explore planets, start a business, and experiment with the most advanced voxel-based tools.

Basically, each player will have a touch of everything in the game for the trial period.

The player can actually play the game for a straight week to explore everything, depending on the player’s pace. However, the game progress gets reset every week with a warning given days prior the scheduled reset.

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