Let's find out How To Play Dual Universe on a Kickstarter Account!

Dual Universe is a first-person science fiction MMO where players build and control everything in a single persistent universe. You can build almost anything out of voxels, trade in a free economy, run industries, travel through space, explore planets, or go to war.

In this guide, we will be talking about How to Play with your Kickstarter Account. Let’s get started.

How To Play On A Kickstarter Account – Dual Universe

First of all, you will probably have gotten a mail if you had a Kickstarter Account and helped out with the creation of the game. You can just check your mail and you should be seeing one. Check both the Inbox and the Junk or Trash of your emails, it might be somewhere in both of them.

Then this is what the mail should be looking like:

  •  Get in touch with our customer service staff at support@novaquark.com. (Please contact them with the email address you used for your Kickstarter account when you backed the project. This will make it easier for them to verify who you are.)

Once you see this you can then just make a Dual Universe account on the link they gave you. Then once you make it you will need to contact the game staff on the email that you sent you and just wait for a response. They will notify you once they find you on the list and they will activate it for you to be able to play on it.

The only approach that people are aware of is to first connect your account to Steam, then purchase the game via Steam, and then redeem one month of playing time through your account page. However, I’ve heard that some people are experiencing problems with it, so for the time being you might be able to hold off and just look for people’s reviews and comments.

Just keep trying those 2 methods and keep sending emails to the developers until they reply to you hopefully with positive feedback. That’s everything you need to know about playing Dual Universe with your Kickstarter Account.

We hope that this guide has helped you out with starting out and playing Dual Universe through Kickstater. If it helped you out it is making us glad. Have fun!

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