Dual Universe: How to Restart Character

Made a mistake mid-game and need to restart character in Dual Universe? Check this out.

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Dual Universe the topic of many forums since the release of its demo with its player-driven single universe gameplay and subscription-based system. Many players have asked, how do you restart a character when you made a mistake in the middle of the game?

Find out here how you can possibly restart your character in Dual Universe.

How to Restart Character – Dual Universe

To restart a character in Dual Universe, you actually need to open a support ticket. This has been the method even during the game’s beta. To get a support ticket, you have to email the game’s support staff.

However, you may want to reconsider this option. If you can actually work around the error, it would be best not to restart. If you lost a certain item, consider the 100k per day earnings from your login to reacquire what you have lost.

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