Recruiting friends has its perks? Find out more in this guide about friends in Dual Universe.

Dual Universe is an MMO game in a huge voxel universe. It uses a subscription system and has been the talk of many players sine its official release in September. Dual Universe introduced a Recruit a Friend system in the game.

This guide will teach you how to recruit a friend in Dual Universe.

Recruit a Friend Guide – Dual Universe

The recruit a friend system in Dual Universe is a system where a player would recruit other players to get a bonus. The recruited player would basically get a one-time teleporter to come towards the recruiter.

Aside from that, the recruit will also get a Talent Point boost equivalent to one week of gameplay.

Just try to imagine if you are already in the game and has played for about one week and has acquired a week’s worth of talents compared with everyone else, and then everyone around you who has been recruited will have this one-week boost.

The recruit will also receive an XS static core that will be used to build a small transportation or a small piece of land.

Aside from these, the recruiter will also receive their rewards. The bonuses are additive, so the more subscription packages your friends buy, the more boosted you get.

To invite a friend, you have to get your code from your account, copy the recruiter link and send it to your friends. When friends create a Dual Universe account using your link, or enter you link in My Account before applying game time on an existing account for the first time, their account will be linked to yours.

And every time a friend buys game time, it will contribute to your unlocking of new rewards.

So that’s how you recruit friends to play Dual Universe with you.

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