Dual Universe: Scanner Guide

Want to learn how to use Scanner in Dual Universe? Then check this out!

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In Dual Universe’s sandbox universe, you can build almost anything out of voxels, trade in a free economy, run industries, travel through space, explore planets, or go to war.

In this guide, we will be talking about the Scanner and how it works. Let’s get started.

Scanner Guide – Dual Universe

If you are asking this question probably you are coming from very old YouTube videos where people would have been able to go deep and under the solid ground. Now the Scanner is changed a little bit and works very differently than what it used to.

You might not be able to do the same things as before, but there are substitutes now that you will need to create or buy to be able to do the same thing.

The Scanner only works for mining on an asteroid. To scan territory tiles, you need the territory scanner element, which is expensive to build and big and heavy.

No longer can you mine under the surface. That used to be possible, but now it isn’t and doesn’t work on stable and solid ground in the game.

Most of that is no longer in the game because it made the servers work too hard. It works now only on asteroids.

For planets, you need mining tools like the one that’s built into your home blueprint, which you get when you start the game.

You can mine small rocks on the surface, which is still in the game, but they look like normal rocks when you’re not using the mining tool.

The easiest and least expensive way to look for ore is to buy a basic mining unit and put it on the land you want to mine. But this will only show basic ore. You’d need a more advanced mining unit for more advanced ore.

That’s everything you need to know about the Scanner and how it works in Dual Universe. We hope that this guide has helped you out with how to use it in the future. Happy scanning!

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