Dual Universe: Starting Tips & Tricks

Learn helpful tips and tricks as you start out in Dual Universe in this guide!

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Dual Universe a space MMO entirely built and driven by players in a single persistent sandbox universe. It has been released recently on Steam and runs on a subscription model, which means that the game must be renewed in order for you to continue playing.

In this guide, we will cover some basic tips and tricks to get you started in Dual Universe.

Starting Tips & Tricks – Dual Universe


First is the 2-factor authentication that pops up when you open the game. Turn this on to get great rewards including a million Talent Points, a skin, and some quantras or the in-game currency.

Aside from the freebies, turning on the 2FA is also very important in keeping your account secure.

Mining Units

The next tip is to secure an outpost mining unit. Mining units are deployable elements on constructs on the surface of planets. These units ‘mine’ ore autonomously into an output container continuously even when you are not connected to the game.

Queue up Talents

The next would be to queue up talents that you want to learn in the Talents tab. It’s important to queue them up to several hours so that when you log out, the training would still go on such that when you log back in to the game, you have completed the training during the hours that you were out.

Look through the talents and decide which ones you want to prioritize.

Do Tutorials

Go over to the little surrogate pod station and click on tutorials. Do these tutorials to earn more points and rewards, and at the same time learn about the game and its mechanics.

And there you have it. Make sure you don’t miss these tips to maximize your rewards and earnings in Dual Universe!

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