Check out this guide to know more about building a Guild Hall in Dwarf Fortress!

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For those unfamiliar, Dwarf Fortress is a rogue-lite simulation construction and management game, where players will be building a fortress to help dwarves survive, despite threats of starvation, dragons, and madness.

Read through this guide to know about building a Guild Hall.

Guild Hall Guide – Dwarf Fortress

In Dwarf Fortress, Guild Halls are similar to hospitals, taverns, libraries, and temples. There are different types of Guild Halls, to name some – Woodworkers guild hall, Metal workers guild hall, Doctor’s guild hall, Stone workers guild hall, and many more.

A guild hall is a place where your dwarves belonging to a guild socialize, share skills, and have fun. Similar to zones, Guild Halls can be either set as Public where anybody in your fortress can go inside, or locked to only members of the guild or locked to citizens and residents only.

So, why do you need Guild Halls?

Guild Halls play an important part in the game because it is a place where dwarves especially children can learn other skills other than their default jobs – hauling and cleaning.

So, if you have set a specific guild hall for citizens and residents only, anybody in your fortress can learn that guild’s skill making it very useful to get a number of skilled dwarves in a particular class.

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With that, how do you build a specific guild hall?

These are the things that you need to do:

  1. For example, a Stoneworkers Hall. This does not need to be fancy. You can build Stoneworkers Hall near your workshops. To do this, open the Zone screen, then press the Plus sign and choose New Guild hall or you can press the Zone hotkey “Z”. From there, you can select the type of guild hall that you want to build, in this case, Stoneworkers Hall.
  • Once you have started building your Guild hall, you can change the visitor settings of the hall to whatever you like, but we suggest setting it to citizens and residents only so that anybody can go there including children. Please note that to attract children, you need to add toys in the area.
  • To add toys in the guildhall, make a stockpile in the area where you want to place the toys. To do this, select the stockpile > set it to custom > go to finished goods> type in Toys. As your fortress gain toys, they will be stored in the stockpile that you made.
  • You can also add value to the room by adding some furniture to it.

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